The 7 Principles of Perfect Skating

The Perfect Skating System Guarantees Development In The 7 Key Areas Of Perfect Skating

1 Posture/Balance

I Perfect the athletic position which allows my body to execute my demands.

We work to Perfect your body posture, allowing it to move in its most natural and efficient way. Perfect Athletic position unleashes force, glide, agility and acceleration. Perfect the athletic position and skate at 100% of your physical capacity!

2 Force Production

I Perfect technique which allows my muscles to produce its maximum force.

We work to Perfect your technique allowing the mechanics of your body to harness and unleash all of its existing force. The better your technique the more force produced which translates to greater acceleration and speed. Producing maximum force lets you dictate the tempo every shift!

3 Glide

I Perfect my ability to glide, maximizing my efficiency.

We work to Perfect your glide enabling you to skate effortlessly with increased speed. Perfecting glide let’s you skate faster, conserve energy and play more minutes!

4 Speed

I Perfect my stride length and rotation and unleash my force production.

We work to Perfect your breakaway speed turning you into the game’s ultimate weapon. Playing the game fast and at full throttle is back. Perfect this ability and watch your opportunities soar on both sides of the puck!

5 Acceleration

I perfect my ability to reach top speed instantaneously, giving me a chance to make a play every time.

We strive to Perfect your first few pushes, exploding with or without the puck. All skating dynamics start with an accelerated push, Perfect this ability and get there first!

6 Agility

I Perfect my ability to change direction without any loss of speed.

We work to Perfect your ability to change direction, allowing you to always to be in control of your opponent. Perfect this ability to create offensive upside in your game and defensive dependability that all coaches demand!

7 Reaction

I Perfect the quickness of my movements in response to all game situations.

We work to Perfect your reactionary skills. The quickness of your skating movements is key in today’s high-speed game. Perfect this skill to attack every offensive break in the game, reduce your time in the box and turn a bad bounce into a scoring chance!

Our Difference


The Perfect Skating System is unmatched in the industry which has been developed over years of experience playing the game, studying the laws of biomechanics and the laws of exercise physiology. Through superior technical reinforcement and feedback, each program coaches the athlete through every platform of the Perfect Skating System, maximizing development and revolutionizing your game!

Exercise Breakdown

The Perfect Skating system breaks down all of the technical aspects of an exercise to make it easy. Often an exercise will be broken down into 4-5 isolated skills that we repeat progressively. Once the isolated skills of an exercise are Perfected, we put it all together and then continue to challenge the skater progressively to Perfect the exercise while perhaps moving off balance, changing direction or reacting to a play.

Progressive Repetition

It is said to Perfect anything we must perform the exercise 10,000 times. It is for this reason that the Perfect Skating system emphasizes progressive repetition. Progressive repetition is a training philosophy that allows the skater to progress through the exercise at scheduled phases of difficulty. The Perfect Skating system ensures that the repetition of various dynamic movements is at a maximum while ensuring the proper allocation of time for Active Coaching.

Active Coaching

The best coaches deliver their initial message clearly and quickly and continue coaching actively throughout an entire exercise or drill. Our instructors are intelligent, intense, and extremely motivational. They give specific tips and pointers and small area corrections with 100% positive reinforcement, maximizing the Athletes development on the ice.

Training at Lower Levels of Emotional Intensity

In order to Perfect a skill and make it a habit, we train the athlete at a lower level of emotional intensity. This training philosophy ensures proper technique, quality repetition and unmatched progression creating a Perfect Skating habit.

Position Specific Training

The game has become specialized. Forwards and defensemen find themselves in different situations every shift and need to prepare specifically for these challenges. The Perfect Skating System is designed to Perfect the Athletes skating while enforcing Position Specific Training.

Game Situations

Perfect practice of game situations makes Perfect games. Once a skating habit is developed, the Perfect Skating System continues to Perfect the skill in dynamic game situations helping the athlete focus and dominate at the next level.


Energy, positivity and flat out hustle are contagious. Leaders move people, they set the trend, the vision, the purpose, the drive, the result. At Perfect Skating energy and positivity are our trademarks. We give it everything we’ve got, which makes us WIN!

Jersey's and Socks

All programs include complimentary Perfect Skating Jersey's and Socks! Perfect Skating is able to meet the needs of both French and English Athletes!