Summer 2018- "ELITE SAM" & SAM FORWARDS/DEFENCE-August 13-17th 2018

Perfect Skating Ottawa Valley

Summer- "Elite Sam" & Small Area Movement Program (SILVER DART ARENA)

While our Small Group Program focuses on joint mobility, muscle activation, posture, balance point and efficiency, our Small Area Movement Program addresses the needs in the tighter areas of the game. Quickness and small area movement execution are the focus and athletes will find themselves challenged in a wide range of position specificity, from tight turns to create separation down low to stop and starts for short puck support, Players will improve their quickness and execution of all Small Area Movements and Position Specific Skills dictating their offensive and defensive play. This Summer Program runs 2 hours per day for 5 days. Completion of our 10 week Perfect Skating Program an asset.

Each Program is limited to a maximum of 8 Forwards and 4 Defencemen, in our 6-1 coaching ratio's!

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